About Hot to Trot Model Horses

Hot to Trot Model Horses, having being born of a love of horses and a loss of a vocation, has taken its first tentative steps into the world of retail and is trotting into the future. For many, owning a horse of their own is a dream that isn’t always fulfilled. Maybe due to circumstances or physical and financial restrictions a life with horses is no longer an option.

Perhaps you have just discovered a pleasure for horses and are looking to increase your knowledge and have fun at the same time.

That is where Hot to Trot Model Horses can help!

Jane is a passionate model horse collector who knows only too well the heartbreak and reality of having to give up a life of horses. Having achieved some of her British Horse Society teaching qualifications she started the business in 2014 hoping to reach other equine-less people who share her passion.

Her aim is to promote the model horse hobby both to collectors of these works of art and to those who would like to take it further as a hobby. Meeting like minded people through forums, clubs and live showing helps connect those who want to find a way of being involved in the hobby of horses.

For some it can be an opportunity to use their knowledge in a way that they never would never have envisaged. Ever fancied judging an Arab Stallion Championship? Or perhaps it’s becoming a Master Saddler and making minute real leather tack for your favourite model show pony. The possibilities are endless!

So why not join Jane on this journey of discovery and perhaps together you’ll win those accolades you had always dreamed of.