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Beowulf 2024 Halloween Horse

When a haunting whinny turns into a chilling howl, you know that the full moon is high and Beowulf is on the prowl. With his metallic deep red coat, he blends into the shadows of the night as he searches for the magical force that has awakened his wolf spirit. This werewolf-inspired Halloween Horse is posed as if he’s calling to the sky, or perhaps, to the beautifully eerie wolves on both of his sides! Claw marks and hints of the full moon complete his transformative look. When the light of the moon is hidden behind the clouds Beowulf will still stand out, as all of his white markings glow in the dark! A glossy Halloween limited edition, he features “Beowulf” on his belly.

Dimensions: 30cm L x 25cm H

Pony Points: 500

Collectors Information: Traditional Scale

Colour: Decorator Glow in the Dark

Breed: Mustang

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