Favory and Airiella
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Favory and Airiella


By: Breyer

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Favory Airiella Gift Set

Lipizzan Mare & Foal

Breyer is excited to have this sweet new mare & foal set in our 2020 line of products. One of Europe’s oldest horse breeds, the Lipizzan originated in the 1500s and are prized for their natural talent in performing classical dressage. Tempel Lipizzans of Illinois is home to the largest privately-owned herd of Lipizzans in the world, and is home to stallion Favory Airiella and his dam Airiella. Favory Airiella has been trained for the courbette, a difficult maneuver where a horse balances on its hind legs and jumps forward several times.

Lipizzan stallions like Favory Airiella get the first part of their name from their sire’s line (Favory) and the second part from their dam’s line (Airiella). Note: Favory

Collectors Information: Traditional Scale

Colour: Mare Grey, foal bay

Breed: Lipizzana

Dimensions: 23cm L by 35cm H

Pony Points: 200

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