Little Pony Road Trip

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Little Pony Road Trip

I love how ponies have taken me to different parts of the UK (and also the USA!) and becoming a regular favourite is my friend Jan and I’s trip to Little Dartmoor Live Show. Jan Or Thelma (As in Thelma and Lousie, the film) managed to locate the lovely café right in the middle of the moor that we went to last year on our road trip. Although it was a bit wet, we did see some Dartmoor ponies (or more likely Dartmoor Hill) and quite a few foals.

The show was lovely as always and we were so pleased that the chosen charity ‘Prickles in a Pickle’ raised so much money through the raffle for Kirsty’s late husband’s favourite charity. What a lovely tribute.

I may have bought a pony or two and Jan managed to sell a good few pony pouches so all in all it was a lovely road trip for me, ‘Thelma’ and the ponies!!!

Until next month!

Jane Hackett

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