Magical Rainbow Unicorn
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Magical Rainbow UnicornMagical Rainbow UnicornMagical Rainbow UnicornMagical Rainbow UnicornMagical Rainbow Unicorn

Magical Rainbow Unicorn


By: Breyer

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Magical Rainbow Unicorn

Rainbow is ready to prance his way into your heart! This fun and fancy unicorn features a lavender coat and colorful rainbow mane and tail, with gold horn and hooves. Includes a fun sticker set!

The box jhas some slight damage but the model is unharmed. The out of box photographs are of my own model from my personal collection. The model you receive has NOT been removed from the box

Ages 4+

This model is only availble from Walmart in the USA so is very rare to find in this country!

Collectors Information: Classic Scale

Colour: Purple with rainbow coloured glitter mane and tail

Breed: Unicorn

Dimensions: 30cm L x 25cm H

Pony Points: 100

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