Mini Whinnies Castle Surprise
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Mini Whinnies Castle Surprise


By: Breyer

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Mini Whinnies Castle Surprise!

We have a new addition to our Mini Whinnies unicorns - the Mini Whinnies Castle Surprise!

This new series of Mini Whinnies unicorns features an enchanting, reusable castle shaped package and includes three new mythical unicorns.

There are six different models, plus a special chase piece, which are randomly packaged so which ones you receive will be a surprise!

Each Castle Surprise comes with three different unicorns. And select packages will include a rare chase piece! Collect them all! Fun for all ages!

Check out the new Mini Whinnies Barn Surprise which comes with horses!

Box size: 3.25"L x 1.75"W x 2.25"H

Pony Points: 500

Collectors Information: Mini Whinnes 1:64 Scale

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