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One can hardly think of horses without the iconic Mustang coming to mind! Free-roaming symbols of the American West, today’s Mustangs roam across 10 western states.

Mustangs can display many different coat colours and patterns, thanks to their diverse bloodlines which include the horses of Spanish conquistadors and the colourful mounts of the Native peoples. There are also pockets of Mustangs that more strongly display characteristics of Spanish breeding or draft bloodlines.

Mojave is a proud Mustang, poised as if he’s defending his band from a threat or scaring off a challenging stallion. His wild mane and tail beautifully accent his rich overo pinto coat as he paws the ground and pins his ears. Like some pintos, he displays unique eyes: one blue and one brown!


Dimensions: 30cm L x 25cm H

Pony Points: 500

Collectors Information: Traditional Scale

Colour: Chestnut Pinto

Breed: Mustang

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