My Breyerfest Experience

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So Breyerfest is nearly here and if you’re lucky enough to be going then you are probably there already! If not perhaps you’ve got tickets ready for the online activities? Maybe you are waiting for that ‘in person’ experience, the day you finally get to go to Breyerfest!

Well that day came for me in 2016 when I was lucky enough to attend. There is so much to see and do that I suggest making a plan of what you want to see to get the most out of your trip as some activities at Breyerfest can overlap.

I would recommend entering the live show. American live showing is much slower paced than ours so it’s a good opportunity to chill and chat to fellow Breyer fans I only took six stablemates as I could take them in my hand luggage, I didn’t want to risk being parted from them on the plane!

So to pony purchases. Take LOTS of money and SAVE as much as you can for your trip. You’ll be guaranteed to find that bargain or grail! So where can you spend your pounds? The Lexington Horse Park has its own shops which sell Breyers (with air conditioning so great for a respite from the heat!) There are stalls in the arena and The Clarion hotel hosts several evenings where guests open up their rooms for sales. That is mind blowing as there must have been upwards of fifty guests selling on the evening I went! Don’t forget that you will also get a free celebration model with your main ticket.

We mustn’t of course forget the real horses. America has the most amazing gaited breeds and I was privileged to watch Tennessee Walking horses and Standardbreds exhibiting their unique gates. I also got to see portrait model TS Black Tie Affair on his final outing in the show ring before being retired which was very moving. My most treasured memory was meeting Lil’ Ricky Rocker and getting my portrait model signed. I had my photo taken with him and he nuzzled my model. It was well worth the wait in line and another thing I would recommend doing.

Be prepared for a lot of queues but I met loads of lovely people and chatted the time away. Breyerfest is a really lovely experience. If you get to go live every moment and make some memories