Stablemate Mystery Horse Surprise Series 3 Blind Bags
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Stablemate Mystery Horse Surprise Series 3 Blind Bags


By: Breyer

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Introducing our Series 3 Mystery Horse Surprise blind bags! Handful of Horses gives you a herd you can hold in your hand. These blind bags feature six beautiful breeds, plus a rare chase piece, as well as a super rare chase piece! Please note that there is no guarantee that you will receive a chase piece.

There are six breeds included in this release: Icelandic, Peruvian Paso, Sporthorse, Warmblood, Paint Horse, and Quarter Horse. You'll want to collect them all!

Each bag ships blind so it is a surprise which one you get! However, if you have a particular favourite, let me know and I will do my best to 'feel' the packet!

Opened bags may not be returned.

Ages 4+

Collectors Information: Stablemate Scale

Dimensions: 11cm L x 8cm H

Pony Points: 50

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