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Sagittarius Zodiac Horse November 22 - December 21

Enthusiastic Sagittarius' are optimists, and love to make others laugh, even if the joke is at their own expense. They are outgoing and confident, though their constant chatter can sometimes get them in trouble as they tend to be unflinchingly blunt. Hard to tie down, Sagittarius is always ready to shoot out in a new direction.

This Lipizzaner stallion points upward like the Archer's arrow, representing the Sagittarius optimism. Enthusiasm burns bright in this Fire sign, and he features white socks, golden hooves, and gold highlights in his mane and tail, like the other Fire signs in this series, Leo and Aries.

The Breyer® Zodiac collection features 12 horses corresponding with the 12 symbols in astrology, the ancient belief that how the stars and planets align at your birth can influence your personality and future. Each high gloss finish model is detailed with its own sign of the zodiac and celebrates some of the traits believed to belong to those born under it.

Scale: 1:12th

Collectors Information: Classic Scale

Dimensions: 22cm L x 15cm H approx

Pony Points: 100

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