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By: Breyer

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Every autumn, nature’s beauty is put on full display as the seasons change and green leaves on the trees give way to shades of yellow, gold, orange, and red. This season of vivid and joyous color inspired us to create a unique decorator model to enchant you the same way fall’s magic enchants each of us!

Sugarmaple is a celebration of all the splendor fall has to offer. He gets his name from the sugar maple tree, a maple variety known for its bright green leaves which turn spectacular shades of yellow, orange, and red in the autumn. Sugarmaple is covered in a cascade of autumn-hues, with brilliant metallic gold leaves swirling about his coat. Captured in motion, you can just picture him cantering through the woods at the
pinnacle of leaf-peeping season. This stunning decorator model was created on clearware, which truly allows the seasonal colours of the leaves to shine through and be fully appreciated!

Scale: 1:9

Collectors Information: Traditional Scale

Colour: Decorator fall colours

Dimensions: 35cm L x 30cm H

Pony Points: 200

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