Happy 4th July!

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Happy 4th July!

It may have been an American celebration but it doesn’t mean we can’t join in too!! We do share the same national flag colours after all!!

As well as being a Breyer fan I love all things American and have been lucky to visit American twice, once to Florida to the theme parks and secondly to Kentucky to Breyerfest!! So with that in mind I thought I would introduce you to the decorators that I currently have, I can never wait long to get my hands on any stars and stripes themed ones as soon as they are released! Many are Limited Edition so that makes them all that more special!!

Left to right:

Glory Days: Mould no: 1845 (Old Glory 2021)

Unknown Soldier: Mould no: 712218 (allegiance 2017 Stablemate Collectors Club)

Child’s Anthem: Mould no: 1858 (Anthem 2022)

Aqua Bita: Mould no: 1799 (Illumination 2018 3,000 made)

Kentucky Patriot: Mould no: 1755 (Patriot 2016 3,000 made)