What a lot of bull!

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What a lot of Bull

Did you know that Breyer make bulls? Well you do now! They also make cows, goats, sheep, pigs and a selection of wild animals.

Breyer initially put a lot more detail into these sculptures than the horses in the early 70’s to 80’s. Many are quite rare to find such as the moose but in recent years Breyer has produced the Braham bull, Spanish Fighting bull, goat, ram, to name but a few in either a new colour or as a decorator. They make great additions to scene classes and if you attend Hot to Trot Live Shows we always have a bull class you can enter.



Not all bulls are big! In 2004 Breyer produced a stablemate range of the Professional Bull Riding (PBR) series of bulls who are as famous as the cowboys who ride them. Appearing season after season they built their own fan base and eventually have been immortalised in resin!


Start your own collection today , bulls are more fun than you think!