Happy Halloween 2023!

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Happy Halloween!

Thinking about topics to write about this month and I thought ‘I can’t write about this years Halloween model like I did last year?’ Then I thought why not!!

I love displaying mine amongst my Halloween themed décor and this years fit in perfectly with my Halloween/Fall themed table.

Spectre is based on the Ashquar (striking out) mould and has beautiful strong colours of purple and orange which go really well with the Halloween theme, certainly in my house! Again, by popular demand, this mould features glow in the dark ghosts with their mouths open in a terrifying scream!! What I love about how Breyer have decorated him is that he still has a cute face and I like to think his off fore is striking out in a playful manner at an invisible spectre.

I wonder what next years Halloween special will be?

Happy trick or treating!