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Just Julips

Here at Hot to Trot Mode Horses we don’t just embrace our beautiful Breyers but we also appreciate all makes of model horse!

One such make is Julip. These models are hand crafted from latex and go as far back as Breyer to the 1950’s. Like all models they have undergone changes in manufacturing to be what they are today.

Julip shows are a lot of fun and run slightly differently to other model shows due to the nature of the models. Firstly you can show your model both in its mould type and colour as well as performance and scene classes so you don’t have to have a lot of models to participate in the whole day! Some shows even have a counter system where each entrant votes for models in each class (except for their own) by placing coloured counters with values from 1 – 6. The counters are then counted and models awarded rosettes according to who had the most firsts, seconds, thirds etc…

Meet Kevin the Cob!!! He is a Julip on the Farm Cob mould and is very famous at Julip shows as he is my only proper Julip and therefore enters as much as he can!! He is well known in the performance ring! So as an example Kevin would go in the Farm Cob class and also his colour class which is Dun.


It’s fun to collect different makes and experience different shows and collecting passions and I can attest to a friendly atmosphere and lots of fun at Julip shows. These charming little models will be certain to capture your heart!