Holding History in my Hands

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The recent sad loss of another friend from the hobby resulted in a dispersal sale of the collection of the late Sarah Clements.

We were all saddened to lose her at too young an age and although we were aware of her vast collection we didn’t realise the full extent until we were actually in the room with half of her collection.

There were models of all makes in various conditions, boxes of stablemates still in their original hanging packaging, models new in box that were so old that the packaging had disintegrated around them!

I was struck by the plethora of history surrounding us, particularly for a vintage Breyer collector like myself!

I purchased two new in box models, twenty seven and twenty eights years old respectively. A Montgomery Ward (a now bankrupt USA Department Store) special black Belgium draft. I also purchased, all in their original packaging, three G1 stablemates as well as a Clydesdale stablemate from 2006.

It wasn’t just a lifetimes collection it was an opportunity to hold model history in my hands.

Thank you Sarah.

You will live on in your models. xxx