How it all started!

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Hello Everyone and welcome to my very first blog from Hot to Trot Model Horses! For those who don’t know me, my name is Jane Hackett and I am the owner of Hot to Trot Model Horses. What got me started collecting sand eventually retailing Breyers?

Firstly, who wouldn’t want too ! They are some of the most realistic, durable and affordable models I have ever had the pleasure to own. My very first model was a G1 Stablemate Morgan Mare whom my seven year old self thought looked like and American Saddlebred stallion! He was far superior to the rest of my Britian’s riding school horses and only my most talented Britian’s riders were allowed to ride him (yes we’ll go with my seven year old perception!) As I got older Breyer’s became harder to get hold of and as UK retailers disappeared it meant they were only available in the US! The models themselves were so expensive as was the shipping that they were a very special gift indeed and often a Birthday/Christmas present combined.

Lacewood Lady and Pepermint Pistachio

My first two traditionals were Abdullah and Stud Spider who are great friends and always stand together on the shelf. They both regularly show in performance and OF despite being 3 2years old each. I think that speaks volumes for the quality and durability of Breyers , they might be vintage models but their show records certainly are not!

Almond's Abdullah and High Jinks

So what brought me to retail them? Following a long illness I needed a change of direction and also a way to get my horsy fix. A back injury meant I could no longer ride but I missed being around horses so needed a way to keep my hand in. I now own around 800 models (big, small with a few bulls, chickens, goats and cats and dogs thrown into the mix!) and get to own and show far many more breeds than I could ever have ridden in a lifetime. Making tack and accessories for shows means I don’t miss out on the show world I so longed to be a part of. Here’s to model horses and all they bring to us. Thanks for reading, until next time!