Model Horses for Mental Health

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So, what prompted today’s blog? Well my last one got me thinking about why I started Hot to Trot Model Horses and when I thought about it, it was to improve my mental health! Not being able to partake in the hobby that I so longed would become a vocation left me feeling very low.

More so than ever mental health has been at the fore front of the news and particularly so through the last two years. Programmes like The Repair Shop are so emotive and testament to the fact that an inanimate object can hold so many memories and emotion. Rescuing, repairing, restoring and exhibiting that item gives us fulfilment and a sense of pride be it in the memory of the person it is associated with or with our own restoration achievement.

Like many people I have lost people either due to bereavement, relationship breakdown or geographical location but what remains for me as a constant is my models. They are always there not matter what changes and have followed me throughout my life and will continue to do so.

I look at my models, many bought or given as gifts and it always reminds me of the friends with whom I have shared my time with, some sadly passed on but not forgotten. However, it doesn’t stop there! These models have led me to share village halls for live shows, discussion groups on photo shows, live show in America and also learnt some new skills in restoring and repairing them in good company. Who would have thought so small a thing could hold so much potential for fun and friendship?

Take a look around you now at the those shelves filled with fun and love and hold that gratitude in your thoughts, particularly when things are tough, because they have and always will be more than just ‘plastic ponies’.