Marvellous Minis and Mindfullness

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Hello, and I hope the New Year finds you rested and recovered? After a very busy year I found time to re-kindle my passion for model horse rug making and in particular my recently acquired mini whinnie shrinkies!

My stablemate and mini whinnie rugs are edged with embroidery stitching as bias binding is too stiff for such small items. It’s such a relaxing past time and as it takes a little while to do, gives me time to bond and think of a name for my mini marvel!

I also like to listen to mindfulness videos on Youtube too. Did you know that doing something that you enjoy, that isn’t too taxing, can reduce your blood pressure, stress levels and aid your general wellbeing?

So model horses really are good for the soul but we all knew that already, didn’t we!