Each to their Own

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Each to their Own

My Blog this month isn’t about diversity as much as it is about personal growth. Diversity is definitely a buzz word these days but do we actually embrace it? Recent difficulties experienced within the hobby both personally and by myself tell me otherwise.

Diversity allows us to grow as a person by experiencing things we often hadn’t thought of trying or had never seen.

So why do we rally against such fabulous change?

Why are people so frightened of something new?

We all love a new model, or do we? Before making that negative comment or emoji to someone’s beloved model in a post, consider what that model means to them. Maybe it was the last gift their gran gave them before passing on or perhaps a well done gift from a good friend?

Shows would be boring if we all had the exact same model, as would life. Embrace the new, love the old and grow as a person. The more experience we have the better rounded we are and the more we live life.