Reflections on Marion Randles

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Reflections on Marion Randles

This months blog finds me in a reflective mood follow the funeral of a dear friend, Marion Randles. She did so much in her lifetime for our hobby and left such a legacy that she will never be forgotten.

It led me to think about making sure important times were recorded for posterity. Taking photos, sharing them between friends and meeting up in person.

Many of us bought models from Marion and we have a special class at our shows for American Quarter Horses named in honour of Marion.

In todays world of twenty four seven social media we forget that memories are made in person, in the show hall, shared car journeys and pony meet ups. Of course social media has its place, particularly logistically when location makes meeting difficult but it’s the physical efforts that people make which leave a legacy.

Marion was a member of BMECS (British Model Equine Championship Shows) team for many years, ran her own shows throughout the country and attended umpteen model shows throughout the length and breadth of the country. She left so much for us to cherish and set up so much for us to carry on in the hobby that we could never forget her and wouldn’t want to!

Ask yourself, what will you leave behind when you’re gone?

So what are you waiting for? Get out there, live life and leave your mark on the world just as Marion Randles has done!!!

Forever in our hearts and thoughts, Marion Xxx